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I run both groups.


If something gets denied, please don't take offense.

General Rules Summary

If this seems too long, skip to the Yes/No Section at the bottom, but please come back to this at some point.

Help keep this group between roughly PG to PG-13. A good general rule is this: If Disney wouldn't put it in a movie directed toward ages 5-13, than don't submit it here. That doesn't mean we do childrens' art only. It just means it needs to be visually safe for children. I want all walks of life to feel welcome. Bottom line: Cleaner art = more art pimpage.

What should fantasy art contain? Wizards, Faeries, Swords & Sorcery. Elves, dwarves, winged humanoids and creatures. Dragons, wyrms, Qirin, sea serpents. Mostly anything NOT seen in Steampunk, tech, or superhero. Elder Scrolls style "steam punk" is fine, since it's magically powered with souls. Zombies and evil creatures need to be magically created, but no cannibalism or senseless gore.

If it has a magical origin somehow, or is myth/legend related, submit it here.

ALL ART MUST BE YOUR OWN. :) If you've commissioned a piece from someone, submit the work from their gallery with the + add to groups feature.

:iconultraforbiddenlaplz:MESSAGE WHEN JOINING:iconultraforbiddenlaplz:


:bulletblue::bulletblue: General rule of thumb: PG to PG13. :bulletblue::bulletblue:



:bulletgreen: Your art must contain something that is very obviously fantasy. Mages, Knights with enchanted items, magical forests with will-o'-the-wisps and faerie lights.
:bulletgreen: OC's that are legitimate fantasy.
:bulletgreen: Game/book/movie/RP board games (think D&D). Goes in the Fan Art Folder. Remember, they need to be doing something Fantasy, or else it defeats the purpose.


:bulletred: No submissions with maturity filters on it, for any reason.
:bulletred: No nudity, micro-kinis, cleavage on both ends, or anything you'd expect from a strip club. The Ariel Little Mermaid thing is fine, so long as she isn't busting out of her shells.
:bulletred: No furry art, including sparkle animals. Exceptions are dragon-like, gryphon, or other mythical creatures related to fantasy. A neon colored animal just doesn't cut it.
:bulletred: No MLP (My Little Pony) art. They have their own groups.
:bulletred: Absolutely no Scifi or Superheroes. Submit those to All-Sci-Fantasy
:bulletred: Respect your fellow members. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all (which would include profane language).

Gallery Folders

Faeries - Winged People
Fantasy Landscapes
Demons, Daemons, and Evil Creatures
Faerie Tale Concepts
Greek and Roman Myths and Lore
Fantasy Armor and Weapons
Asian-Oriental Fantasy-Lore
-Original- Myths and Legends
Celtic-Gaelic Fantasy-Lore
All OCs - Must have Magic-Magical Creatures
Fantasy Based CRAFTS


In order to give you guys a better expectation for submissions, I will try to work on submission requests between Wednesday & Thursday. If I don't get to them then, my backup day is Sunday.

I used to give details about why I reject any art, but I've realized it takes me way too long. In short, if your submission shows too much skin and/or cleavage, displays an implied sexual scene, shows one person impaling another on a weapon, and so on -- it's rejected. I try to keep myself free of any second-hand responsibility for possibly offensive material. My rule for this is "When in doubt, say no." If I do accept work that has mature content, the author/artist has told me that it's only a precaution. Typically it isn't mature, but they're playing it safe.

Meanwhile, keep sending in your work. Submit once, and when my key days come up, I'll get to them. :)
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Group Info

We deal in Magic, Faerie Tales, Folk Tales, Myth & Legend, and Sword & Sorcery from all cultures. No Science Fiction or Science-based steampunk please. Submit all Scifi to :iconall-sci-fantasy:
Founded 3 Years ago
Apr 16, 2011


Group Focus
Myth & Magic

789 Members
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