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I run both groups.

General Rules Summary

Derivatives need to be your purchases
or royalty free stock.
No Google Images!
Some sites Google links to are Copyrighted.

Submissions Guide - Blanket Rules explainedGreat for the whole family!
All art needs to be family friendly. I have plenty of reasons, but all you need to know is that there's a dress code. For both males and females, art must follow, roughly, a Disney mindset. If you see families going out to see Disney film with the same content as your art, it'll most likely be accepted. That doesn't mean your art needs to look like it came from Disney, of course. Family friendly art = more exposure for you. If you choose to create more adult work, that's up to you in your own portfolio. I don't judge or hate. I just want everyone to have a good time.
Scifi & more
If you have scifi work, please submit it to the sister group, All-Sci-Fantasy I have created it for those who try to submit scifi art, or scifi/fantasy blended art. Obviously, it does accept fantasy art. Anything such as Pokemon, Digimon, or anything that involves mostly tech (including scifi based steampunk) is not accepted in AFG. Submit it t
Submissions Guide - the Fantasy WorldHumans in the fantasy genre need to be doing something involved in fantasy. This is an art group that accepts artwork from the fantasy genre. If no one is doing anything "different," then submitting the art into a fantasy group is completely pointless. A fantasy art group is only as good as the fantasy art that's submitted. People have tried to use this group as an art dump, from attempting to submit log cabins, or have submitted sexual "fantasies." Clearly the wrong kind of fantasy, there! We're all about myth and magic. Below is a guideline for ways fantasy and magic can be displayed.
Hopefully this is obvious! Any mage of notable status, such as Merlin, Gandalf, or anyone clearly performing magic, is a notable way if showing non-members "Hey, this is fantasy art."
Armor and Weapons
Fantasy armor and weapons behave differently than what we see in history. We do not accept Red Sonjas or men with next to nothing as armor. We prefer art depictin

ALL ART MUST BE YOUR OWN. :) If you've commissioned a piece from someone, submit the work from their gallery with the + add to groups feature.

:bulletblue::bulletblue: General rule of thumb: PG to PG13. :bulletblue::bulletblue:



:bulletgreen: Your art must contain something that is very obviously fantasy. Mages, Knights with enchanted items, magical forests with will-o'-the-wisps and faerie lights.
:bulletgreen: OC's that are legitimate fantasy.
:bulletgreen: Game/book/movie/RP board games (think D&D). Goes in the Fan Art Folder. Remember, they need to be doing something Fantasy, or else it defeats the purpose.


:bulletred: No submissions with maturity filters on it, for any reason.
:bulletred: No nudity, micro-kinis, cleavage on both ends, or anything you'd expect from a strip club. The Ariel Little Mermaid thing is fine, so long as she isn't busting out of her shells.
:bulletred: No furry art, including sparkle animals. Exceptions are dragon-like, gryphon, or other mythical creatures related to fantasy. A neon colored animal just doesn't cut it.
:bulletred: No MLP (My Little Pony) art. They have their own groups.
:bulletred: Absolutely no Scifi or Superheroes. Submit those to All-Sci-Fantasy
:bulletred: Respect your fellow members. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all (which would include profane language).

:iconultraforbiddenlaplz:READ AND RESPOND:iconultraforbiddenlaplz:

REQUEST: Read the rules & fill in the box saying you've read the rules when clicking join.

Gallery Folders

Lit-World Builds
Guardians Guides Spirits
Faeries - Winged People
Fantasy Landscapes
Demons, Daemons, and Evil Creatures
Faerie Tale Concepts
Greek and Roman Myths and Lore
Fantasy Armor and Weapons
Asian-Oriental Fantasy-Lore
-Original- Myths and Legends
Celtic-Gaelic Fantasy-Lore
All OCs - Must have Magic-Magical Creatures
Fantasy Based CRAFTS


Hi everyone,

I was busy last week and hadn't realized I totally skipped out on submissions. Life happened, sorry guys.

Once again, I had submissions from you all do a mass-expiration bug. When submissions, I click to page 8 or 9 since those are usually where the oldest submissions are. I try to do a first come/first served way of submitting. I also allow for the longest submission time frame possible, which is 1 month. I really don't know why I can't just leave it to "never expires," but that's the best I can do. With half the dates at January 27th, I'm at a loss for why they'd expire after barely a week.

If you submitted and it said it expired, or it was up to 2 weeks old, just resubmit. I promise I'll get to them. I may change my schedule around and start doing things On Sunday afternoons. Sundays used to be my busy day, which is why I opted for mid-week. Sorry for the trouble, everyone.
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Group Info

We deal in Magic, Faerie Tales, Folk Tales, Myth & Legend, and Sword & Sorcery from all cultures. No Science Fiction or Science-based steampunk please. Submit all Scifi to :iconall-sci-fantasy:
Founded 5 Years ago
Apr 16, 2011


Group Focus
Myth & Magic

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Ninbikun Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2015
I have a story, I think it would be PG 13 because of some violence, but there's no swearing or nudity, would you accept it?
MirroredPurity Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2015   Digital Artist
I think PG13 is fine. I usually see excessive gore (like someone being gutted, lots of blood and severed limbs) as over PG13. If it's in games like Skyrim and you avoid scenes like the black sacrament with the little boy, typically you're fine. :) When you submit, just add a note in there giving a basic summary. I'll make a note in my admin section; I keep a list of all safe literature. ;)
J-Dove Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
MirroredPurity Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015   Digital Artist
You can submit art to the group, so long as it's fantasy. You just have to follow the request on the front page before being accepted.
Sugarthemis Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2015
don't hesitate to request it of you like it
Neva elf by Sugarthemis
MirroredPurity Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015   Digital Artist
I shall. :D But my dear, you could join and submit all the things. :la:
Sugarthemis Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015
i have joined my dear but i will just post artwork ... i am not very active on group activity ....
MirroredPurity Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2015   Digital Artist
Oh :giggle: Posting art is all that's required. I just like to have a place artists can do their thing, but without it becoming an art dump.
EBENEWOOD Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2015   General Artist
Thank you very much! :hug::sun:
Twighlightmermaid41 Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Does this group accept stuff like Pegasus tfs?
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